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Pacific Angler is a one stop shop for Vancouver fishing, whether you want to charter a Vancouver fishing trip, buy gear for your upcoming fishing trip or learn how to catch fish before going out on a fishing trip.

Pacific Angler Fishing Charters

Salmon is fished throughout the Pacific Northwest. Pacific Angler can take you saltwater fishing for salmon early in the season or freshwater fishing later in the season. Halibut rival salmon in popularity for Vancouver fishing charters. This is in part because halibut can grow so much larger than salmon. Trout are a popular freshwater fish that we can arrange for you to catch on one of our Vancouver fishing charters. This is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend the day at sea.

Sturgeon fishing trips to the Fraser River system are one of the fishing charters we offer that many of our competitors don’t. Or take one of our Vancouver fishing charters to catch coho salmon, also known as silver salmon.

Pacific Angler takes annual trips to prime fishing locations like Mexico, though these trips are in demand and need to be reserved well in advance.

Pacific Angler Products

Pacific Angler is one of the biggest fishing tackle shops in Vancouver. We offer everything from salt water to fresh water fishing gear, rods to reels, line and bait. We even support Stillwater fishing and take trips to the British Columbia desert plateau.

Pacific Angler provides a range of sunglasses and other items you need to enjoy your fishing trip, no matter the weather. Pacific Angler sells both fly gear and conventional fishing gear. We sell jackets, waders, boots and warm water-proof layers to supplement the clothing you’ve already brought for your Vancouver fishing trip. Or you can buy safety gear like life vests from us.

What if you want to take your own fishing trip? Pacific Angler sells float tubes, pontoon boats and rafts to carry you to almost any freshwater or Stillwater destination. Pacific Angler sells watercraft made by Watermaster, Outcast, NRS and other major brands. We can perform full boat setups and downrigger setups.

If you already have a freshwater fishing boat, let Pacific Angler provide the accessories you need like rod holders, oar locks, pumps and boat repair kits. Or have the Pacific Angler experts handle your boat’s warranty claim and make repairs to your boat.

Pacific Angler’s Fishing Courses

Many people hire Pacific Angler as their Vancouver fishing charter of choice because of our broad expertise and experienced guides. However, you don’t have to go on the trip unprepared. Our experienced fishing guides teach courses for several types of fishing for all levels from novices to experts.

Pacific Angler’s introductory courses include chironomid techniques, fly fishing in general, fly fishing in lakes and fly fishing for trout in streams. Pacific Angler teaches courses on fly tying.

For people who have never done it before or haven’t done it in years, take our introduction to fly tying course. For novices with the basics and intermediate level fishermen, consider taking our classes teaching how to tie beach fly patterns, chironomid fly patterns, epoxy fry patterns, intruder fly patterns and how to make jigs for catching steelhead and salmon. Our fishing lessons typically last a few hours and teach you everything from how to use your gear to understanding water conditions and weather that let you increase your odds of a big catch.

Pacific Angler knows many people come to catch freshwater fish. This is why we teach methods for fly fishing to catch coho, cutthroat trout and salmon. Our several hour seminars can be upgraded to a fully guided day on the water so you can practice what we teach and get advice on the go to catch what you seek. Custom trip dates are available in addition to scheduled, guided fishing trips with experienced teachers.

Pacific Angler teaches people how to catch salt water fish via fly fishing on the beach and salt water salmon fishing on a boat. Fly fishing courses typically have an evening seminar and a casting session where you practice what you’ve been taught. Some courses, like the fly fishing egg patterns class, give you a three hour seminar in the classroom followed by a full day in the water.

Guided fishing takes place the next day or a few days after the seminar. Fly fishing courses are taught from early spring through the fall. Check the Pacific Angler course listing to find out when our next sessions will be held.

Pacific Angler has courses specific to learning how to catch steelhead, including steelhead float fishing and catching winter steelhead on the fly. Many fishermen enjoy our small class sizes and similarly small guided tours for a nearly one on one fishing lesson for an affordable price. For some of our courses, you have the option of taking the only the seminar for a fraction of the cost of a seminar followed by a guided tour.

Pacific Angler’s fishing courses are taught at our location in downtown Vancouver. Pacific Angler is located at 78 East Broadway.

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Fishing Expertise

Fishing experts will tell you when the best time to fish will be. Pacific Angler provides a weekly fishing report each Friday just in time for making final plans for your Vancouver fishing trip. We give you information on temperatures, weather conditions and fishing opportunities. And we can help you get your fishing license and answer questions about what you can catch before you run into trouble.

Pacific Angler also gives you advice on where to fish if you don’t plan on chartering our crew to take you to the best fishing locations. We aren’t like many of our rivals who capitalize on a relationship with a specific fishing lodge. We can take you almost anywhere in British Columbia to go fishing, while we plan annual trips to distant locations like Cuba and Mexico. Or ask us what gear you need for the fishing trip you’ve planned, the best products to catch what you want to bring home or whether you need to fix your existing watercraft or need a new one.

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